Social TeX in the cloud.
The new way to edit your LaTeX documents.

Share your LaTeX projects with collaborators and see the changes in real-time! Compile LaTeX to PDF online from any computer with internet access, no installations or plug-ins required.

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Collaborative LaTeX.

Start texing and compile LaTeX to PDF online. Invite others to work on your project and see the changes in real-time. You are always looking at the most up-to-date version of your project.

Review PDFs.

Share the compiled PDF with reviewers to get feedback on your work. They can leave comments on your documents right in the browser. Synchronize their feedback - all in one document!

Version control.

Gone wild? No problem, view old versions of your project at any time. You don't need to worry about losing your data, everything is stored secure in a git repository.

Simple errors.

We convert the raw LaTeX logs into simple errors and warnings telling you just what to fix. All displayed in-line, no endless browsing of the logs. Catch them as you go!

Easy to use.

It has never been easier. Start texing from all over the world. No installations or plug-ins needed. Open your browser & instantly start using LaTeX. You can even use it with your tablet!

Work online & offline.

Want to work offline? Or work with your favorite editor? No Problem! We provide full git-access. Download your document or the whole project as .zip at anytime and anywhere.

And you thought setting up LaTeX was complicated.

It has never been easier before. Write your papers with LaTeX without the struggle of installing the LaTeX distribution. Start writing instantly with cloudTeX!

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From scientists for scientists. Be part of the community.

LaTeX is designed for you! Sharing, collaborating, reviewing - all in one simple step.

Use SyncTeX.

Wondering how you go from a paragraph in your compiled document to the coresponding TeX file? Simple answer - use synctex. Simply click anywhere in the document and the corresponding TeX file will open.

Full git access.

Everytime you hit ctrl+s we make a git commit for you. Get a detailed project history. Upload you ssh key and get full git access to your project repository.

Check the diff.

You want to check the difference between your old versions? No problem, check the old versions. We highlight added text in blue and delete paragraphs in red. Easy and clear highlighting of your version history.

Private projects only.

All your projects are private and can only be seen or edit by people you invite. We will never publish anything you uploaded.

Multiple monitors.

CloudTeX is made for everyone - but focuses on the hardliners of the LaTeX community. Open cloudTeX in different tabs and use multiple monitors to work on your project. Everything will synchronize by itself.

Upload your project.

You have already started with a LaTeX project? Go on and upload your old LaTeX projects to cloudTeX. Organize your project as you want.

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